Big Reasons to Support Small Business

Starting and running a small business is no easy fete. The start up process in itself is incredibly challenging, daunting, time consuming and confusing. Most of the time, these business start-up are being created by someone that already has a part or full-time job to support their new love bug, which in turns just amounts to more pressure. It's difficult to measure the blood, sweat and many tears that go into a business start-up but trust us, there's a lot of the above that occurs. Not only is it the pressure of whether your brand will take off and you'll actually make sales, you are in-direct competition with larger conglomerate businesses, that are already far ahead in regards to reach, marketing budgets and brand awareness. 

There's no denying that small business has been directly affected by COVID-19. With some partial or complete closures or direct loss of sales due to the pandemic, now is the time to support your local. In Australia, there are over 2 million small businesses. If we break it down further, almost 1 in 13 of us own and operate a small business throughout Australia.

So where do we go from here? It all starts with you. It's important to understand why we need to start supporting local and small business ( If you aren't already, and if you are, thank you!), especially those within your community or city. 

1. They are run by real, everyday people that you may be crossing paths with

So what? They are not a board of directors, stockholders or a large team, they could be your neighbour. What comes with that is a sense of personalisation. You won't receive the same thing thousands of others receive. You are not just an order to them. They'll have their own touch- often with a personalised note or maybe even a freebie.

2. They'll be much more accessible to you

When you email them in regards to a question or query, you'll most probably be talking to the owner or creator. It won't be someone that potentially has no idea about the product, they'll know the in's and out's of the products and how to maximise its usage. You'll also usually find that if there's an issue with your order, they will work to rectify it almost instantly. No waiting 5 business days for an answer. Small business operate usually around the clock, no 9-5pm here.

3. There is genuine care, detail and quality in the products they provide

At fresh faced, we ensure all products are inspected to ensure exceptional quality and standard before they are sent out. They are not coming out of a large factory where they are thrown into a shipping bag and never thought of again. Again, as most small businesses operate out of their home or a small office, the people packing your orders are most likely the same people that have built the brand. 

4. You're supporting someone's dream, commitment and hard work

Ever heard of the happy dance? Well it's true! And it happens every time a small business receives an order. Just imagine when you place your order, someone on the other end is receiving the notification and I can guarantee, there is a large smile brewing on their face and a small little victory dance that follows.

5. You can support them without buying a thing!

Say what?! Supporting small business, doesn't always have to always be monetary. Support can happen in so many different ways. Tell your friends about a brand you've noticed, follow them on social media, share, tag and comment when you love something they've posted. If you do purchase from them, make sure you leave a review on their site! Non-monetary support is still highly appreciated and we get excited when we see other's loving what we're doing! Running a small business has its good and bad days, and on a day when we may be doubting ourselves, seeing someone rave about our product is a huge mood lifter!

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