Five Beauty Bloggers You Need to be Following

We all love an everyday person that can speak to you on a different level when it comes to makeup and skincare recommendations. Whether its charisma, comedy or pure talent that draws you in, there's no doubt that we're probably cult-following a beauty blogger that their words we take as gospel.

1. James Welsh @james_s_welsh

James popped up all over Facebook videos, and instantly we were hooked. His honest and down to earth reviews of cult favourite and celebrity endorsed lines, doesn't deter him from being transparent and honest in his reviews. It's like watching someone talk to you as a friend, and when it comes to fancy ingredients that we can't pronounce, we need a friend like him to guide us! James Welsh also loves to provide insight into current weird and wacky beauty trends whilst trying them on himself, so we don't have to, and boy oh boy are they entertaining! Highly recommend following this guy for an easy blogger who's honest without the drama. Plus get a two-for-one deal and follow his twin brother Robert Welsh- it took us about 3 months to realise they're two different people- both fabulous!

2. James Charles @jamescharles

ICONIC! With over 22 million followers, its not hard to see why James Charles is a cult-favourite. From public YouTube fueds with other beauty bloggers to multiple collaboration lines with the likes of Morphe, Jeffree Star and soon to be released details on "The Biggest Beauty Collab in History, James Charles is more than a make-up artist, he is a content creator, business owner and designer. Most recently vowing to becoming a 'positive' force in YouTube's beauty community, and given all the drama over the past 18 months, we could definitely use some unison and solidarity within our most influential beauty bloggers. Subscribe to his channel, however prepare to say goodbye to next 12 hours of your life as his personality makes it difficult to look away.

3. Susan Yara @susanyara

Where do we begin? We love Susan Yara! Watching her re-watch beauty 'tips & hacks' by everyday people, its obvious what she's going to say before she even opens her mouth. Her knowledge is phenomenal, on just about anything and her simple tips can make a huge difference to our everyday routines. Her Youtube video's aren't just make-up and skincare though- she includes an array of different videos of wedding and baby tips. Yes, she faced backlash this year for failing to disclose that products she was recommending were in-fact co-owned by herself, but we all make mistakes, and we still love her and her straight down-the-line opinions on just about anything and everything.

4. Brad Mondo @bradmondonyc

Ok, if you haven't seen his videos pop up on your explore pages on social media, where have you been hiding?! Brad is a hair expert and with over 6 million followers on YouTube, there's a lot of us wanting to know his hair secrets. Brad regularly posts funny videos of everyday people deciding to take hairdressing into their own hands, and whilst the results in the videos themselves are funny enough to make you feel like you've done 100 stomach crunches, its his quick wit and banter that keeps you watching 15 videos later. Alongside his humour, Brad provides do's and dont's, which makes you want to do an instant at-home balayage. Our advise? Don't do it! But do follow him pronto!

5. Sam Chapman @samchapman

One half of the Pixiwoo duo, Samantha and Nicola released their YouTube channel over 11 years ago and have since gained over 2 million followers. Their tutorials are easy to watch and incredible entertaining, ranging from their experience with fillers to foundation master classes to stop the two-toned madness. They open up about real-life issues such as depression and appeal to young followers all the way to those in their more mature years. These ladies take the step into lifestyle blogging as well and we're here for it!


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