Four Steps to Self-Care

There's no doubt- things are crazy at the moment. Between the unknown during this worldwide pandemic- there are a lot of uncertainties; When will we travel again? Will I still be working next month? How long will my life plans be on hold for?

Whether the stresses are covid related, finishing a demanding work week or just going through a personally difficult time, sometimes it can be hard to take a break and treat yourself. Studies show that a relaxed state of mind and well-being leads to better quality sleep, and less health-related issues. So go ahead girlfriend and practice some self-love! Whether its getting a pedicure, buying that cute cardi you've had your eye on for a while or treating yourself to a lemon meringue pie - self-care is necessary for extended productivity and reducing the chances of burning out.

As women, we are in high demand, from our kids, to our partners, to our jobs and reliant family members. We spread ourselves thin- but we need to make time (even if only 30 minutes) for ourselves daily. Once you start practicing self-care, you will begin to stop pressuring yourself and say yes to happiness and to you.

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See some handy tips on how to practice a little more self-care daily.


Learn to practice daily affirmations of self-love. Our thoughts play a strong role in our behaviors and emotions. Through meditation, you can recite positive mantras that focus on self-love and encouraging self-compassion. Mindfulness means having an open mind without judgement, and always aim to keep your focus in a positive light - I know this one can be tricky. 

Schedule 'ME' time

There is always someone who needs you – your kids, boss, friends, siblings, parents, etc. But do you ever think that you need yourself too? Learn to love yourself before you can love others. Take time to nurture your well-being and do things that make you happy. Go for a workout on your own, pamper yourself, or just spend time alone to restore energy and focus.

Have a Spa Day

Whenever you are feeling increasing pressure or anxiety, have a spa day! You dont have to spend a truckload to unwind. Instead, you can bring the spa home! Prepare a hot bath, bubbles and play calming music. Turn off the lights and light your favourite candle. If you have a little extra time, pour yourself a glass and treat yourself to a facial mask. Our beauty tools are a perfect way to help unwind. It is the perfect way to spoil yourself without too much effort. 

Learn to Accept & Let Go

Try to adopt a mindful attitude and pay close attention to your inner, daily thoughts. This will help to tune into how you are feeling and what may be making you feel upset. When you can understand your triggers- stop yourself and say "this is a difficult moment.” Once you’ve said these words aloud, think about how you can improve the situation and let go. It may mean walking away and re-visiting later.

When you learn to pamper yourself regularly, you will find out who you are,what you love learn to love yourself.

Life may not always be easy, but how you live your life is what makes it worth living. When you take care of yourself, everything around you will improve dramatically - you'll see.

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