Eye Masks- Secret to a Better Nights Sleep

We all deserve a good night's sleep.

Whether you need total darkness to fall and/or stay asleep, fighting the nightly distractions or want to zone out on your next red-eye flight, sleep masks can make a serious difference into the quality of your rest. Whilst you may think that eye masks are part of spa visits and five-star hotels, 2020 has seen eye masks become more main stream and the health and wellness benefits are leading the way.

How do eye masks serve up some serious benefits? For starters, eye masks made from silk or satin can help with those pesky fine eye wrinkles. Silk and satin are extremely soft materials and in turn, cause less friction between the skin and your regular pillow case. Silk also has natural moisturising properties, making them the perfect material for around your eyes. The tightly-woven fabric keeps moisture close to the skin and stops it from drying out overnight. Especially those that like to flat-face straight into their pillow (guilty!), protecting the eye area is a must.

Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic, therefore it is perfect for those with sensitive skin and temperature sensitive when getting shut eye. They are also brilliant for those who suffer from sensitive skin or even more serious skin conditions such as eczema. The gentle material soothes the skin and will not irritate skin conditions.

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