Keeping Busy During Lockdown - Mental Motivation

Nowhere to go, plenty to do.

Almost through our second wave lockdown, and like many binge watching Netflix is getting a little boring. 

Dirty John? Seen it. Big Bang Theory? Done. The Sinner? Check.

It's time to keep yourself busy outside of what we find ourselves doing on a daily basis. Although we may be in lockdown, and things are a little mundane at the moment, it's important to keep your mind active and fulfilled.

Don't get me wrong, we all need a self-care day when our body or mind calls for it, and i'll be the first to admit it. However, it's still incredibly important to keep motivated as otherwise we may find that once restrictions are lifted, our mind continues on this wave of lockdown.

We've come up with a few little tasks you can try out this weekend, that won't feel like work and you can hopefully find enjoyable, because we tried some out and we loved it!

Subscribe to new podcasts

There are some that absolutely love and swear-by podcasts and others that are more on the fence about listening to people talk away for thirty plus minutes. For me, I am somewhere in between. Not totally converted but I do love a little of true crime. 

There are so many amazing podcasts ranging from beauty hacks, new cooking ideas to guided meditations. There is something to appeal to everyones interests and are a sure way to unwind, up-skill or encourage us in lockdown. 

Feeling super motivated? Try making your own podcast!

Get your green thumb on 

Get out in the garden and weed, prune or mow. If you've been neglecting your garden all winter, chance are you'll need to do all three. Remember balcony planters, indoor plants and courtyard pot pants also need a little love.

Hop to it now as spring is around the corner, and it's time to get your plants in the best condition to start blooming again.

Give yourself a Manicure

Sometimes it's the small things in life that make us feel a whole lot better, with a fresh manicure being near the top of the list. Take some time for yourself, push your cuticles down, slather on some hand cream and choose a shade that makes you smile from ear to ear. If you want to look at something a little more long term, why not try an at-home gel kit. We love this one from Opallac.

manicure pedicure blue nails diy

Sort it out

There's nothing more satisfying than organised cupboards and draws. So why not spend some time organising the pantry, fridge and that draw the collects all the bits and pieces. You know what I'm talking about, we all have that area we 'dump' all our bits and pieces. Chances are, you'll find a bunch of coins that you can treat yourself later with, cough cough chocolate sundae. 

Not satisfied yet? Empty out your closet and refold those draws, Marie Kondo style. Donate old clothes, colour co-ordinate and wipe down those shoe shelves.

Do a jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw's have resurfaced as a popular activity during lockdown and we can see why. Whether its a 100 or 10000 piece puzzle, they sure will keep your mind focused. Plus, once you complete a puzzle, there's always a sense of accomplishment once you finish it, that is, if your cat hasn't already stolen one of the pieces.

Give yourself a facial

Whether you have the products you want in your bathroom draw to use or want to try an at-home natural facial (think egg whites, honey and aloe vera), facials are a great way to unwind and give yourself a little 'me-time'. Start by making yourself, a herbal tea, followed by a relaxing gua sha massage on the neck and chest. Continue with your favourite facial, and make sure to massage the products into the skin for further added benefits with a facial roller.

mask facial at-home selflove self-carelove yourself mental motivation


Why not try one of these over the weekend? It's the weekend, so find time to relax, but remember to keep your mind and body engaged and motivated where you can. 


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