The Gua Sha Glow

The Gua sha may be the current hottest self-care and skin boosting beauty tool on the market. A current Instagram superstar, but why? And most importantly, how often and how should we be doing it? We suggest a few minutes a day of a little skin TLC could be the secret to not only glowing skin but also to a good night's sleep.

What is Gua sha?

Translated, gua means to stroke or press and sha refers to redness. The gua sha tool has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, the technique involves scraping a flat, curvaceous tool usually made from a natural stone, over the skin.

Kate Brindel- a Chinese medicine expert explains that the gua sha technique aims to relax the facial muscles, get energy and blood moving and reduce puffiness. It encourages increased blood circulation – studies show by up to 400 percent – which draws away toxins and brings in oxygen and nutrients. Best defined as an at-home combination of a massage and a workout, it helps release tension, which in turn is highly recommended for those that suffer from jaw tension and headaches. More so, the technique leaves the skin instantly more glowing, supple and healthy-looking. 
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How to use

You can use a gua sha on the face, body and scalp, and best to use with your favourite oil, serum or moisturiser – but never on bare skin. Hold the tool flat to the skin, under the eyes or over any facial redness, to de-puff and soothe. Then use the curved side and work it over the skin, always taking short strokes in just one direction, not back and forth. Always stroke up, only stroking down on the neck to drain. Work in small horizontal strokes over the brow bone to lift, or hold and press upwards between the brows to release tension.

If you want to drain puffiness, use the tool lightly, then more firmly to relax facial muscles. Your skin may look flushed after, however like post-workout redness, this just demonstrates a boost in blood circulation.

From the forehead, work back through the hair, which is believed to help hair growth and, according to experts, is key to a great night’s sleep as completing the technique before bed is incredibly soothing.

Which crystal is for you

Rose quartz relates to the heart, and is believed to open love channels between individuals. Therefore it’s especially good to use on the neck and chest.

Amethyst is associated with protection and promotes quiet and deep sleep. Amethyst also is believed to stabilize blood pressure.

Jade is known for its balancing effects and its ability to cool the skin, so it helps de-puff features while clearing inflammation. 

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