The Perfect Bridesmaid Box Does Exist

Wedding season is in full swing! With the pandemic realing havoc on the wedding industry in 2020, 2021 is proving to be the year to get ready to say 'i do'. But we can't say 'I do' without our best girlfriends by our side. Bridesmaid boxes aren't for everyone and a simple card will suffice for many and still generate enough hype and excitement for your big day. But for those searching for a little extra to pop the question to your gals (or guys), the gifts that we can add to our bridesmaid boxes seem endless, and frankly a little overwhelming.  

Seeing as we recently went through this ourselves, the decision of what to add, whilst still remaining affordable begged the question, is it worth the added pressure on top of an already endless to-do list? Our answer? Absolutely! Some will put together a lunch, go for a few drinks or even just hand them out as we see our girlfriends, it's no denying the expression on their faces is priceless. Seeing as they will get inundated with texts, calls and appointment leading up to the big day to help you decide the all the bits and pieces that go into wedding planning, for us it was a no-brainer.

We've popped together a list of the perfect additions to add to any bridesmaid box that are affordable and will get all your bridesmaids excited for your wedding day. PSA- we love Etsy, because not only are you getting a personalised service, but you're also supporting small businesses and thats a win-win.


Firstly, you have to start off with the box! I mean otherwise what is everything going to go in? The decision with the box is if you want it personalised and how, and this comes down to preference. These are the ones we loved.


bridesmaid boxes personalised australia etsy

Personalised Boxes $23 + Shipping (Dearloveau)

bridesmaid box empty bridal box

Personalised Boxes $29 + Shipping (Confettimommaparty)


Then the fun part of finding items as personal as your bridal party. This was our favourite part, there are so many options but we chose items that our girls will all love with added personalisation.

trinket tray personalised bridemaid boxes bridal

Trinket tray personalised- $12 + Shipping (BrideO)

These are a super cute non-expensive add on that everyone is sure to love.

bridesmaid pyjamas matching bridal boxes

Bridesmaid Pyjamas Various (LeRosegGifts)

These are a must! your bridesmaids get to enjoy wearing these long past your wedding day and they even come monogrammed.

budgie smuggler cocktail wedding favour bridal boxes

Budgie Smuggler Cocktail $15

No brainer- everyone loves a cocktail and theres so many to choose from, there's sure to be one to suit everyone. Plus they offer custom wedding favours, bonus!

eye mask silk set australia bridesmaid box bridal party

Silk Set (Eye mask & Scrunchie) - $59

Everyone wants to look fresh faced for the morning of your wedding day and this is the perfect addition. Plus they offer a discount when you purchase for a bridal party. A range of colours to suit every bridesmaid.

facial tool massager bridal box gift bridesmaid

Face Roller - $39

2021 is the year of fresh skin and this is the perfect addition to any skincare lover's bridal box. Easy to use for even the novice skincare enthusiast. 


We hope this has given you an idea of some fabulous gift ideas to include in your bridesmaid boxes. Wedding planning is stressful enough and this guide is a sure fire way to simplify the process and ask your girls to say 'i do' with you.


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