Three Pillars of Self-Worth

The 3 pillars all contribute to how we accept, love & understand ourselves.

Each pillar is an essential part of how we can improve the way in which we view ourselves and in turn accomplish and be whoever we want to be.

Understanding, working towards and accepting these pillars can help us to lead our best lives and be the best version of ourselves.

1. Self Awareness

It all starts with having an awareness of ourselves and the way we in which we function. These simple questions can help to identify this;

- Who are we at our core?

- Why do we do what we do?

- What past experience has made us this way (both positive & negative)?

- What do we believe? How does this contribute to where we currently are on our life journey?

Self awareness is the core and often the most challenging to understand. Only when we can get into the depths of who we are, we can challenge ourselves to move onto the next step.

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2. Self Love

In order to love ourselves- we must first know ourselves. Self love comes in many forms but at its core, it is a respect of who we are. 

- How we fuel our bodies; choosing nutritious over junk food.

- Saying no.

- Expressing our emotions honestly & without hesitation.

- Taking time for ourselves.

- Surrounding yourself with positive, soul nurturing people.

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3. Self Acceptance

This is the most important pillar, self acceptance.

It's the ability to completely accept who we are- the light and the shadow. The 'quirks', beauty and imperfections of our soul and nature. When we know, love and accept ourselves for who we are, is when we can begin to increase our self-worth.

The respect & confidence for ourselves will have a ripple effect for not only ourselves and what we can accomplish, but those around us, who see the shining light within. When we allow ourselves to burn bright, we give others the opportunity to also.



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