Hitting my late 20’s brought one agenda to mind- Skincare! Skincare! Skincare!

It was only in the last few years that I, Miranda, founder of Fresh Faced, began to really understand the products I was putting on my face. I used to think, the more products I used, the better for our skin, boy was I wrong! What resulted was dryness from the use of too many potent ingredients, pigmentation and just overall dullness.

It's so important to understand your skincare needs and this isn’t necessarily always an easy assessment. With skincare superstores like Mecca Maxima & Sephora opening, it was a plethora of the product you ‘have to have’ to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted. This creates so much confusion and anxiety amongst consumers.

Within the last 12 months, I was rotating between 10-15 products and again I thought this was too much and I simply couldn’t keep up.

Instead what I started to do- was to understand how other factors, ie diet, sun exposure and just overall general mental wellbeing affected my skin. I realised stress was my biggest trigger for outbreaks. This is where Fresh Faced was created.

I am a huge advocate for self-care. Some may see it as selfish, however I see it as selfless, because when you care for yourself, you can take care of others around you better. To improve the relationships around you, you must first have a great relationship with yourself. This means knowing when you need a little ‘me’ time. 

Whilst I may be adding an extra product into your beauty, sleep or make-up routine, these beauty tools maximise your current beauty routine, whilst promoting relaxation, a chance to unwind and increase self-care. For those that are triggered by stress and anxiety, our tools can assist in putting relaxation back into the regular and often mundane routines.

There's no ingredients list, no 'do not use together' conditions, no confusion in our products- simple, natural and easy to use with a long list of skincare benefits.

Indulge in yourself a little everyday- you deserve it. 

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My favourite go-to products;

Alpha-H Liquid Gold- This is one of the very first products I splurged on years ago and never looked back. Due to the presence of 5% Glycolic Acid (I love my acids!) I use this as part of my nighttime routine and alternate between Liquid Gold and retinol.

Sunday Riley U.F.O Ultra Clarifying Oil - I love a good face oil and this does not disappoint. Whilst most facial oils are designed predominantly to hydrate the skin, this baby also has 1.5% salicylic acid which helps control breakouts whilst still keeping the skin super hydrated and glowy. This goes hand in hand when using my amethyst gua sha.

Word of Advice:

Research what you put on your skin! I know it is sometimes super confusing to wrap our heads around what ingredients do and do not go together, however long term, if we aren't careful we can cause more damage to our skin. If you're still confused as to what ingredients can be used together, head over to our blog- we got you girl!