Fresh Faced Inc

The Luxe Facial Set - JADE


The ultimate at home spa indulgence. Designed to rejuvenate, increase blood circulation, battle the signs of ageing and allow for deeper absorption of skincare products when used alongside our facial tools.

Hand-woven, this unique eye mask truly personifies the idea of ultra-luxe beauty at home. Renowned for its calming effect and healing energy, our mask aims to leave your complexion soothed, refreshed and more youthful. 

Enhance your beauty routine with the Gua Sha and face roller. Used for centuries in Chinese medicine, these facial tools can help contour and sculpt the face. Both work to promote lymphatic drainage, improve circulation, boost elasticity and stimulate cell turnover. 

Our Luxe Sets are the perfect gift for baby showers, bridesmaid boxes, a skincare lovers' birthday or someone needing a little more 'me' time.


Incorporate this set daily to help release toxins, improve blood circulation, reduce puffiness and dark circles.


Vegan Friendly | 100% Jade stone | 

Caring for your crystals: Cleanse with warm water and wipe with a soft cloth to remove any dirt and oil or a gentle cleanser. To completely cleanse and reset your crystal, place it under the light of the moon and/or sun.

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